Land Rover Defender Discovery 452239 2.5 TD5 Turbocharger Turbo + Gaskets

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Land Rover Defender Discovery 452239 2.5 TD5 Turbocharger Turbo + Gaskets


Additional part numbers

452239-5009S 452239-5008S 452239-0009 452239-0006, 452239-0006 452239-0005 452239-0003, PMF50040 LR006595 PMF100410 PMF100460 PMF000040, 452239-1 452239-2 452239-3 452239-4 452239-5, 452239-6 452239-7 452239-8 452239-9 452239-10, LR017316 LR006595 LR005955 PMF50040, PMF50040 PMF100460 PMF100410 PMF000040, 100460 LR017315 PMF000040 PMF100460, PMF100410 PMF500040



THIS TURBOCHARGER WILL BE SOLD ON AN " EXCHANGE BASIS " THIS MEANS THAT WE WILL REQUIRE THE OLD UNIT.  If you can’t come to our workshop and bring your old unit you will have to make a surcharge payment in order to get your turbocharger dispatched. Once you return your old unit your surcharge will be refunded straight away. There are three ways to sort this out:

  1. You can make a PayPal payment transferring £30 to our PayPal account using our email which is (please write your order number in the comment section);
  2. You can give us a call on Mob.: 079 1915 1752 or Tel.: 017 0872 5406 and make a card payment;
  3. You can also send your turbocharger first and once we receive it we’ll send you a refurbished one straight away without any surcharge needed;

Please check the Part number and OEM number on turbocharger to make sure it is the right one for your engine.

If you are not sure about this information , please feel free to contact us 07919151752 or 01708725406