Audi VW Seat Skoda 2.0TDI 140HP-103KW 53039700132 Turbocharger + Gaskets

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Audi VW Skoda 2.0TDI 140HP-103KW 53039700132 Turbocharger + Gaskets


Additional part numbers

5303-988-0205 5303-970-0205, 53039880205 53039700205, 5303 988 0205 5303 970 0205, 5303-988-0132 5303-970-0132, 53039880132 53039700132, 5303 988 0132 5303 970 0132, 03L253056A 03L253056AV 03L253056AX 03L253019J, 03L253019J 03L253019T 03L253016F, CBAB CBDA CBDB CBAA CBAB, CBDA CBDB, 03L253010C 03L253010CV 03L253010CX 03L253016F, 03L253016FV 03L253016FX 03L253019A 03L253019AV, 03L253019AX 03L253019J 03L253019JV 03L253019JX, 03L253019T 03L253019TV 03L253019TX, 03L253056A 03L253056AV 03L253056AX, 03L253016J 03L253016JV 03L253016JX, BV43a-0205 BV43a-0132, BV43-0205 BV43-0132, BV43-205 BV43-132

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THIS TURBOCHARGER WILL BE SOLD ON AN " EXCHANGE BASIS " THIS MEANS THAT WE WILL REQUIRE THE OLD UNIT.  If you can’t come to our workshop and bring your old unit you will have to make a surcharge payment in order to get your turbocharger dispatched. Once you return your old unit your surcharge will be refunded straight away. There are three ways to sort this out:

  1. You can make a PayPal payment transferring it to our PayPal account using our email which is  Please write your order number in the comment section (each turbo has a unique surcharge amount, please contact us to get the amount);
  2. You can give us a call on Mob.: 079 1915 1752 or Tel.: 017 0872 5406 and make a card payment;
  3. You can also send your turbocharger first and once we receive it we’ll send you a refurbished one straight away without any surcharge needed;

Please check the Part number and OEM number on turbocharger to make sure it is the right one for your engine.

If you are not sure about this information , please feel free to contact us 07919151752 or 01708725406